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What's your sign?

Eu não acredito em previsões astrológicas do tipo "aquário, cuide mais da saúde nesta próxima semana", mas não tenho dúvidas o horóscopo realmente define boa parte da essência da personalidade das pessoas.
Como não acreditar? Eu posso ler sobre qualquer outro signo além do meu, que não me identifico nem com meia palavra sequer, sendo que quando leio sobre aquário, é como se fosse alguém que me conhecesse e observasse há anos, analisando meu comportamento. Imagino que não deve ser assim com todas, talvez algumas pessoas só tenham uma característica ou outra do signo, mas eu... eu... mano, minha foto podia substituir a do vaso derrubando a água. Eu sou a mais típica aquariana.

Achei um site que me define perfeitamente:

The Aquarius woman can be described as unconventional, unpredictable and inconsistent. Aquarius personality is difficult to understand. An Aquarius woman sees the world differently. She is beautiful, having captivating eyes and a unique type of hair texture. She neither wears flashy clothes nor is fashion conscious. On the contrary, she will be dressed in a highly unusual manner, combining both the old and latest fashion trends. Yet, it looks good! She is talkative, honest, likes adventures, but is quite paradoxical.

Independence and freedom are the most prized qualities of the Aquarius female. The normal society norms are not for her, and she never likes being directed. You will also notice that she will never follow the exact instructions given by anyone (including recipe books). She likes to experiment with everything. She has myriad of interests and needs freedom to pursue them. As she is intelligent and imaginative, she can find any subject under the sky interesting and will not hesitate in pursuing her interests.

An Aquarius male, also the female, is rightly called as everybody's friend. They gladly give advice and opinion when it is asked for. They are patient listeners, therefore, are good friends. They can maintain an equal balance of talking as well as listening. As aquarians are compassionate, people find it easier to pour their hearts to them. Aquarians are extremely social. They have charming manners and also an ability to socialize with all kinds of people. They are extremely comfortable talking to people of different ages and class. Aquarians find people interesting and enjoy dissecting the human psyche. They like to know the innermost thoughts and emotions of people. But, it is never the other way round. They never like people to know their innermost motives.

Aquarius Female as a Partner

You have to be mysterious to attract an Aquarius woman. She usually prefers intellectual men over the rich ones. She will definitely have solved the mystery of your nature if she really finds you interesting. Aquarius women never rush into marriage. You will have to convince her to get married. According to astrology, Aquarius compatibility is more with Gemini and Libra.

Once married, an Aquarius woman will be a caring and faithful wife. You must remember to preserve her independence, as an Aquarius female cannot live without her freedom. Let her pursue her interests and meet her friends. You must also be willing to accept and appreciate all her friends as they are equally important to her. Aquarius woman likes to be treated as an equal. Displaying emotions like jealousy, possessiveness, chauvinism will make her turn away from you. She even does not prefer sentimental men. Be sympathetic with her or she will just retreat and remain completely aloof. Aquarius women prefer platonic love over the passionate kind, and do not emphasize much on the physical aspect of love.

You will be relieved to know that an Aquarius female is not the jealous and possessive type. She will never keep a watch on you and there is a complete lack of suspicion until in the extreme case. But remember that honesty is a quality immensely appreciated by Aquarius females. She will never tolerate cheating. If you are found to be dishonest, she will be deeply wounded and will not forgive you. Once the relationship is over between you, it cannot be reversed. She may prefer to be friends with you as an Aquarius is everybody's friend!

Aquarius Female as a Mother

Aquarius women make loving and devoted mothers. Though it is difficult for them to adjust to motherhood; they are devoted mothers, once they are comfortable. As being aloof is in their nature, an Aquarius female will face difficulty in expressing affection to her kids. But she will make her kids feel special. She will teach virtues like truthfulness and humanity to her kids. She will never be an overly possessive mother, but a jolly one, more like a friend. You may even find her talking to her kid's friends like an equal.

Understanding Aquarius women is a bit difficult because of their volatility. But, you will never be bored with her as she is able to talk on any subject. She is basically caring and will always have time and patience for her near and dear ones.


Friendly and humanitarian
Honest and loyal
Original and inventive
Independent and intellectual

On the dark side....

Intractable and contrary
Perverse and unpredictable
Unemotional and detached

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