quarta-feira, 31 de agosto de 2011

Cow and Chicken

We had a real disturbing childhood. Lots of bad shit happened, there’s no doubt about that. Maybe yours was worse or maybe mine was. That’s not really the point. All I know is that it affect us in ways our parents will never know. Nor did our psychologists back then. You seem to have an anger management problem and for what I’ve been told, so do I. See... I’ve even been told I act like you sometimes and that’s not something I didn’t knew. I used to think of you as a "more out of control version of me”, so whenever I used to snap I  would think “shit, I’m being just like him”. But now I see… That part of our personality is in our genes. We don’t really choose to be like this, we were born this freaking way and our earliest experiences didn’t quite help to make it a any better. Not one bit. It’s been years since we don’t talk and I don’t think we ever will. But just for you to know, I wish you'll get better. I wish something or someone can fix you. Because my brother, as each day go by I see… I’m a fucking hopeless case.

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