domingo, 5 de setembro de 2010

Li isso no "Yahoo Answers"

E me identifiquei completamente!
Eu ainda sinto muita falta do Mel. Ainda sinto uma angustia indescritível ao pensar que ele simplesmente se foi. Nem sei como descrever, mas esta pessoa chegou bem perto...

My little dog died. I still miss him so much...

My little dog who was 14 died at the end of May last year. He was a mini yorkie and was loved so much by the whole family. I still miss him so much. Whenever I try 2 talk about him, my eyes start to water and I want to weep. The day he died is a day i'll never forget for as long as I live. I got the call at work, drove straight home and wen I got in and seen him, my legs gave way from under me and my heart broke. He was with me since he was 9 weeks old and I was 10 years old. He was 14 when he died and my constant little shadow for all those years. Altho I have all my family, friends and a wonderful partner, I still get very lonely and upset at the thought of comin home at night and him not being there or running to the door to meet me. I've split up with boyfriends, lost my dad and buried best friends but the day he died is the day I found out what it really feels like for a heart to break. It's been over a year and it hasn't got any easier. My heart just doesn't seem to be healing. Why hasn't he looked in on me to let me know he's ok??

Eu também me questionei isso sobre o Mel. Cheguei a sonhar que encontrava meu pai na rua passeando com ele. Quem sabe, né? Dos cachorros da casa, meu pai, que não era muito chegado em animais, ia mais com a cara do Mel.
Lembro de ter contato pra ele, em um desabafo, sobre como o Mel havia morrido, sem ter idéia de que muito em breve, ele me deixaria também.

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